I am a professional in the field of international program management with a focus on education. A little about how I got here:


Skógafoss, Iceland, June 2015

I always thought that I would be a teacher. It runs in my family, with my mother teaching and her mother before her. During high school and then at Middlebury College, I had the opportunities to work with students in Honduras, Argentina, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic. I had a passion for Spanish, so teaching it (or English to Spanish speakers) seemed like a natural combination of my two interests.


Yecla, Spain, May 2015

After graduating from Middlebury I went to Spain with the Auxiliares program to teach English. I was thrilled to dive in and stand up in front of a class for the first time. After a few months, I realized that I was completely, one hundred percent…neutral about teaching. I didn’t hate it, nor was I bad at it, but I didn’t love it. And as I learned from my mother, one can’t be a successful teacher without complete devotion to and passion for the profession.

Still, I cared a lot about intercultural understanding and Spanish and I didn’t want to abandon them. I considered other career paths in which I might be able to incorporate these passions, and I kept thinking back to my international experiences: leading trips for U.S. students in Costa Rica, studying abroad in Buenos Aires, hosting international students in New York and Los Angeles, or traveling to the Dominican Republic on a student-led service trip. These experiences taught me to break down cultural barriers, made me a better individual, and inspired me to take on the many challenges the world faces today. I decided to pursue a career in which I could help students become active global citizens.

Caberete, Dominican Republic, February 2014

I had some experience, and a lot of passion. I decided that I needed to focus on hard skills. When I discovered the International Education Management program at the Middlebury Institute, I knew it was a great fit. I gained skills such as recruiting, marketing, budgeting, and program design all while further developing my intercultural competency. For my last semester I completed a full-time practicum with WorldTeach in Cambridge, MA before receiving my degree in December 2016.

In January 2017 I began working at International Student Exchange Programs (ISEP) as a Student Engagement Officer based in Denver, CO. In this role I traveled frequently and managed relationships with 40 universities in the Western U.S. I advised students to help them find study and intern abroad programs that meet their academic, personal and career needs. I also worked closely with staff at the universities within my region to ensure that both they and their students had a positive experience with the organization.

In 2019 I moved across the country to Washington, DC where I began working for American Councils for International Education as a Recruitment and Outreach Officer. In this role I recruit participants for study, intern, and research abroad programs in Europe and Asia. In this job I’ve really enjoyed using and improving my Adobe InDesign and Photoshop skills by producing high-quality promotional materials. I was also honored to join the NAFSA Region VIII Leadership Team as Development Coordinator in March of 2020.